3D-GD&T Editor Software

GD&T Editor Slide 2015 New 1

The GD&T Editor software allows users to apply, model, and edit 3D-GD&T on solid models without a CAD system! The GD&T Editor and the Viewer Pro are part of the IDA-STEP system, which works with STEP data models based on ISO 10303 standards. The GD&T Editor complies with ISO GPS and ASME Y14 series standards, including ISO 286, ISO 1101, ISO 2768, ISO 5458, ISO 5459, ISO 8015, ISO 14405, ISO 14460, ISO 16792, and ASME Y14.5, ASME Y14.41, etc. This software supports successful implementation of 3D MBD and MBE in the supply chain. The software is easy-to-use and will be especially welcomed by inspection, quality, manufacturing, assembly, service, and supply chain partners. See our software pages for more information and ordering instructions.