Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Services

GD&T Services - GD&T Training

When we teach GD&T, we teach it from the point-of-view of application to real world problems, not just another textbook approach. GD&T is taught with Tolerance Stackups in

mind - we want our clients to understand the implications of the tolerances they specify, including the type of tolerance, material condition modifiers, datum references, and the tolerance values as well. We also discuss the implications on assembly methods, manufacturing and inspection. Although GD&T is a science of the details, it must also be understood in the context of the big picture.

GD&T Services - GD&T Consulting

Our GD&T Consulting Services are popular as a stand-alone service and as a follow-up to our GD&T Training Courses. Our GD&T Consulting Services can be applied to a solve variety of problems, from understanding the GD&T specifications on existing drawings, improving the GD&T specifications and Dimensioning and Tolerancing schemes on existing drawings, to developing GD&T schemes for new drawings.

Ask us about our GD&T Consulting Services: We can help you apply GD&T to your drawings, help you understand the meaning of the specifications on drawings from your suppliers, vendors, customers and other engineering groups.

We can help you convince your clients, suppliers and customers to improve their Dimensioning and Tolerancing, making their parts easier to manufacture, inspect and assemble, and helping to ensure their parts and assemblies will function as intended. Our GD&T Consulting Services are our most commonly requested consulting service.

GD&T Services - Preliminary Legal Document Specification: GD&T Review and Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review

With our GD&T Review and Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review Services, we review your drawings and related specifications and offer preliminary guidance to help you prepare for litigation as it relates to arguments over the meaning or extent of drawing specifications. Often we develop a detailed report of our findings with our GD&T Review Services, which can be very helpful in avoiding conflict over GD&T and Dimensioning and Tolerancing misunderstandings.

 Redlined Drawing
Drawing Markup and GD&T Services

GD&T Review and Dimensioning and Tolerancing Review Services can be very helpful in convincing a supplier that they are not meeting legally-mandated specifications, or in convincing a client that a specification that they feel is mandatory is in fact not required. Our goal is to help both parties understand the true meaning of their specifications and avoid costly litigation.

GD&T Services - Drawing Conversion

We can help you convert your existing drawings from being defined with plus and minus tolerancing to being completely defined using GD&T. This is one of our most popular GD&T Consulting Services.

GD&T Services - Mentoring

Let us work with your staff on a long-term basis, helping them to become truly proficient in their understanding and application of GD&T to your designs and drawings. This is an excellent follow-up to our training courses - it is absolutely the best way to ensure that the material learned in week-long or shorter training courses becomes integrated into your design processes.

GD&T Services - GD&T Training Courses

We often combine our consulting services and training courses, brining coordinated and targeted solutions to our customers. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Training Courses are available, offering both standard material and material customized to your products and processes.