ASME GDTP Survey Results Released

GD&T Training Materials - GDTP Certification

GD&T Training Materials - GDTP Certification

Today ASME released the results of their recent survey of GDTP Certificate Holders.

We have helped many people become certified as ASME GD&T Professionals.  We can help you, your organization, and your company achieve a higher-level understanding of GD&T and optimize its implementation throughout your organization and supply chain.

From ASME Press Release:

"Highlights of this survey:

  • Two-thirds of GDTP Certificate Holders come from organizations that encourage certification
  • More than one-in-three of these organizations require GDTP Certification for being hired, promoted or maintaining a position.
  • At organizations in which GDTP Certificate Holders are employed, 80% of the      design process -- from inception plans and individual components all the way to fully-finished products -- is covered by various design standards.
  • Approximately 70% view GDTP Certification as:
    • an industry-recognized credential;
    • facilitating the transfer of knowledge;
    • making it easier to apply for new opportunities;
    • encouraging being hired, promoted or maintaining a position.
  • More than 50% see GDTP Certification as being in the best interest of the general public.
  • Seven-out-of-ten would recommend GDTP Certification to their direct reports."  Copyright ASME 2013

Advanced Dimensional Management offers careful, thorough, technically accurate, and technically appropriate GD&T training and materials.  We know how to get you, your organization, and your supply chain to an optimal level of GD&T implementation.

Contact us if you would like information about how our training courses, mentoring and consulting services, and our books, material, and software can help you and your organization become more proficient in GD&T, certified in GD&T, and achieve a high-level understanding of tolerance analysis and dimensional management principles.

Bryan Fischer

Advanced Dimensional Management LLC

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