New 3D Model-Based Workshops – 3D MBD and 3D MBE

Sheet Metal Part with Flange QueryAdvanced Dimensional Management LLC and MBD360 LLC announce new workshops for 3D Model-Based Product Definition (3D MBD) and 3D Model-Based Business Processes™, including 3D Model-Based Enterprise (3D MBE) techniques.  These workshops help our clients reduce or eliminate their reliance on 2D drawings and understand and plan for success in a 3D model-based environment.  Many companies use CAD data as part of their product definition, but do so in an informal, uncontrolled manner, without fully understanding the consequences.  Our 3D MBD and 3D MBE workshops help companies understand how to improve today’s business processes and achieve optimized 3D Model-Based processes tomorrow.  We leverage many years of industrial experience and our work in development of 3D methods, standards, and software to help clients develop optimal implementations of 3D Model-Based Processes.

Our 3D Model-Based Product Definition (3D MBD) Workshops present an overview of the rules, techniques, pros, cons, and best-practices for 3D Model-Based Product Definition and using Solid Model data with or without 2D drawings.  Dataset structures, including drawing-only, drawing and model, and model-only datasets and their pros and cons are explained.  3D Product and Manufacturing Information (3D PMI) and its application are discussed.  Rules, methods, techniques, and ASME Y14.41, pros and cons and practices defined in the ASME Y14.41 standard are also discussed in detail.  The effects of using 3D MBD techniques on shortening the design and documentation development cycles, reducing redundancy and derivative data sets, reducing error and improving quality in downstream processes are explored.  ISO-based training is also available (ISO 16792, ISO 1101…).

Our 3D Model-Based Enterprise (3D MBE) Workshops present overviews and in-depth coverage of why 3D model-based business processes are needed, how 2D drawing-based business processes are inefficient and drive significant cost in an enterprise and its supply chain, how 3D Model-Based Product Definition (3D MBD) works, communication methods, migration and implementation planning for the move from 2D to 3D, incremental steps, product definition dataset classes and options, business cases, planning for successful migration and implementation, data formats, data quality, standards and standard practices, best practices, training and implementation strategies, and an overview of software tools to get there from here.  The initial workshop is transformational, driving culture change within an organization and its supply chain.  Follow-up workshops focus on the details for successful transition and implementation to 3D MBD and developing model-based processes for an optimized 3D Model-Based Enterprise. We are leaders in the research and development of Model-Based business strategies and training, doing R&D for NIST, the Department of Defense, and the Aerospace Industry.  We work with leading CAD software companies, data translation software developers, ASME, ISO, and AIA standards development organizations.

We are consultants and partners with ITI Transcendata, Tetra4D, and Capvidia, leading software developers of 3D Model-Based tools.  Let us help you take advantage of the opportunities for enhanced quality, increased productivity, decreased time to market and cycle time with 3D Model-Based Business Processes™.  We help our clients implement 3D Model-Based Business Processes™ – we can help you too.  Please contact us for more information.

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