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Workbook for Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis


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Workbook for Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis

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Advanced Dimensional Management Press
Bryan R. Fischer 2008
67 pages

Available exclusively through Advanced Dimensional Management

Workbook for Tolerance Analysis based on ASME Y14.5M-1994, ASME Y14.5-2009, ASME Y14.41-2003, ISO 1101:2004, ISO 16792-2006, and other applicable ISO GPS Standards

This Workbook accompanies our textbook Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis. This workbook covers tolerance analysis based on plus and minus dimensioning and tolerancing and tolerance analysis based on Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

14 problems and exercises are presented in the first half of the Workbook; the answers are presented in the second half of the Workbook.

This Workbook and Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis are used together in our GD&T-based Tolerance Analysis courses. The book and workbook may also be used in a college course or as course and reference material for the professional.

The Workbook for Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis™ is based on the Advanced Dimensional Management Tolerance Analysis method, and is coordinated with our tolerance analysis software, the Advanced Dimensional Management Tolerance Stackup Software Toolset.

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Bryan R. Fischer, President of Advanced Dimensional Management LLC, is an internationally recognized author, expert, ASME Certified Senior Level GD&T Professional and a member of many international ASME and ISO standards committees involved with GD&T, 3D processes, STEP and other engineering standards. Bryan has written many books on GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, 3D MBD and Engineering Standards.

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