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2016 News

Thanks for visiting our website!  2016 is here and there is a lot going on at Advanced Dimensional Management. Seminars: We just scheduled our Spring 2016 public seminars.  Please check out the seminar pages for more information and to sign up. New and Revised Courses:  Over the last few years we have added ISO-based GPS and GD&T...
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AM3D Additive Manufacturing and 3D Conference

Advanced Dimensional Management LLC will have a booth at ASME's AM3D Additive Manufacturing and 3D Conference at Hynes Center in Boston, MA, August 3-5, 2015. Please come by and visit us - we'd be glad to talk with you! Bryan Fischer will give a presentation about 3D Model-Based Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing at 2:50pm on...
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Resultant Condition – Explained

Here’s a technical explanation of resultant condition.  Note that this explanation is in the context of ASME GD&T, but also applies to ISO GD&T (in GPS), with some caveats.  Believe it or not, this detailed explanation is simplified!  Understanding GD&T requires knowing and understanding layers of terms, definitions, and concepts, as well as...
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