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At Advanced Dimensional Management, our primary focus is on the needs of our clients

Our goal is to provide you with the best training and materials available, so you and your staff have the skills you need to perform your job optimally. We are committed to your success, for our success is tied to yours.

We teach you the rules and explain the details you need to truly understand the Dimensioning and Tolerancing challenges you and your staff face daily. Then we explain how to use the tools, be it creating or reading drawings, GD&T, Tolerance Analysis or Dimensional Management principles. We also focus on applications. Through applying and analyzing Dimensioning and Tolerancing specifications common to problems in industry, you will learn how to truly understand and solve your Dimensioning and Tolerancing problems.

We have a lot of industrial experience in many different areas. We realize that the challenges our clients face are varied, and there are many workarounds and shortcuts taken in each step of design, manufacturing, inspection and assembly. First you need to know the rules. Then you need to understand how to apply the tools. Only then can you really understand where you are cutting corners and whether the consequences are acceptable.

We want to help you do your job better

This philosophy is why so many of our clients are repeat customers - they have experienced the value of our training, and realize the benefit of having their staff trained by the best in the industry. That is why they call Advanced Dimensional Management.

Indeed the greatest compliment we can receive is to be asked to offer additional training or consulting for an existing client.

A large percentage of our training courses are customized for our clients. We routinely create customized training materials for our clients, materials tailored to their products and processes that they can use to train future staff. These custom materials and training courses are the perfect compliment to our standard courses.

To our clients, we have one thing to say: Thank You! You are the reason we are here.

Whether you are interested in

  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Plus and Minus Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Tolerance Stackups and Tolerance Analysis
  • Dimensional Management
  • Y14.41 Digital Modeling Documentation Practices
  • Understanding Engineering Drawings (Print Reading)
  • Engineering Standards
  • Drawing Quality

We can help you. Please contact us today.