Design Checking and Drawing Checking Services


We can work with your staff, guiding and leading their Checking efforts, or we can take your Checking work offsite and Check your drawings for you. Our Design Checking and Drawing Checking Services are very popular.

 Redlined Drawing
Drawing Checking and Tolerance Verification

We can check your drawings offsite as a complete package or one-by-one as temporary members of your staff. We are willing to work onsite as part of your design and checking staff as long as the need persists. Our services are an excellent way to augment and enhance your existing staff.

We can check your drawings and drawing specifications on paper, or we can check them within your CAD system. CAD system checking also includes CAD standards checking if desired. We are currently capable in AutoCAD® and AutoDesk Inventor®, and routinely deal with other CAD systems either through viewers or PDFs.


Let us help to streamline or expand your Design Checking and Drawing Checking functions, helping to ensure that the most critical aspects of your designs are properly documented and adequately reviewed. Make sure you are correctly checking what needs to be checked, and that you are not wasting time and money through duplication or overemphasis on more trivial matters.


We can train your staff to become proficient in the rigors of Design Checking and Drawing Checking. This includes Tolerance Stackups and GD&T as desired.


Let us work long or short term as Senior Members of your design staff, providing instant expertise, working with your Checkers, explaining how to properly apply National, Company, and Industry Standards, Dimensioning and Tolerancing, and Tolerance Analysis to your designs and drawings. We can help your Checkers to become proficient at an advanced level with the tools we teach your design staff, making sure the Checkers are able to maintain their status as the company experts in the tools being used.

Drawing Standards and CAD Standards Services

We can assist your management in determining whether the standards currently employed by your firm are adequate, overkill, or how the standards can be optimized for increased productivity, accuracy and quality.


As Drawing Standards and CAD Standards Specialists and Standards Writers, we can modify and bring your existing standards up-to-date. Don’t have a system of Drawing Standards and CAD Standards yet? We can create Drawing Standards and CAD Standards for your firm. We can help you to optimize your processes and documentation to take advantage of the capabilities of your digital systems - we are well versed in the new Digital Modeling Standards, and have worked with many firms to lead or assist their implementation of reduced documentation systems and initiatives.

Looking to develop a cohesive set of drawing or CAD standards for your firm? We can help. We can help you to develop and implement a set of custom standards, or we can help you to select standards from ASME's Y14 series of Engineering Drawing Standards.


Let us work with your staff on a long-term basis, helping them to become truly proficient in their understanding and application of Drawing Standards to your designs and drawings. This is an excellent follow-up to our training courses - it is absolutely the best way to ensure that the material learned in week-long or shorter training courses becomes integrated into your design processes.


Training your staff to understand the National, Industry and Company Drawing Standards that are relevant to your products and pertinent at your company.