Drawing Requirements Manual

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Drawing Requirements Manual: 11th Edition; Bryan R. Fischer – Author 11th Edition Engineering Standards, Drawing Standards, ASME Y14, Y14.100, Y14.5, ANSI Y14, ANSI Y14.5, GD&T, ASME Y14.41, Y14.24, 3D Solid Modeling, Digital Data Definition Practices, Castings and Forgings, Reference Manual © Advanced Dimensional Management LLC, IHS Global, Inc. - 2008

Bryan R. Fischer and Advanced Dimensional Management LLC were selected by IHS Global, Inc. to revise the next edition of the "Drawing Requirements Manual" (or DRM.) We spent over a year updating this classic and exhaustive reference on engineering standards and engineering drawing practices. We painstakingly reviewed the many standards that have been revised and replaced since the 10th Edition, and updated the DRM to reflect the current requirements. Many changes have taken place in industry since the 10th Edition, so our goal was to update the DRM to reflect how business is being done today and to follow current trends toward the future.

The biggest change was to address the prevalence of CAD data and automated processes as part of the design, inspection, manufacturing, and assembly processes, and updating the material to reflect the prevalence and many uses of 3D solid models in the modern workplace.

Bryan wrote a completely new chapter based on the ASME Y14.41-2003 standard (and its derivative ISO 16792:2006), which deal with 3D Solid Modeling and Using Digital Data and Annotated Solid Models as Design Deliverables. The latest revision of MIL-DTL-31000 (Revision C) also addresses digital data and using Annotated 3D Solid Models in product development, and the specific requirements from MIL-DTL-31000C are also addressed in this new chapter on 3D Solid Modeling. The new chapter includes new material developed specifically for the DRM, including an exclusive interpretation and expansion of ASME Y14.41-2003, and contains additional definitions, techniques, and real-world application guidelines not addressed in ASME Y14.41-2003 or anywhere else.

Another major change in the 11th Edition of the DRM was to address changes in the U.S. Government's Acquisition Reform Policies. A major reversal in Government Acquisition Policy was implemented in 2005. This reversal has the potential to affect acquisition contracts issued by all branches of the DoD, other Government Agencies, and all contractors working to or providing materiel for these contracts. Extensive material has been added to the DRM to address these changes and the current way business is done in these environments. This is a must-read for everyone involved.

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Section/Chapter List

  • Section 1      Specifications and Standards Data
  • Section 2      Drawing/Data Elements & Management
  • Section 3      Drafting Practices
  • Section 4      Types of Engineering Drawings
  • Section 5      Dimensions and Tolerances (including GD&T, ASME Y14.5)
  • Section 6      Engineering Drawing Format
  • Section 7      Drawing & Part Number System
  • Section 8      Drawing Titles
  • Section 9      Drawing Notes
  • Section 10    Parts List Preparation
  • Section 11    Identification Marking
  • Section 12    Thread Representation
  • Section 13    Surface Texture
  • Section 14    Welding Symbology
  • Section 15    Protective Coatings
  • Section 16    Casting Drawings
  • Section 17    Forging Drawings
  • Section 18    Facility Drawings
  • Section 19    Tooling Drawings
  • Section 20    Packaging Drawings
  • Section 21    Sheet Metal Drawings
  • Section 22    Electrical and Electronic Drawings
  • Section 23    Drawing Change Procedures
  • Section 24    Abbreviations
  • Section 25    Definitions
  • Section 26    Digital Data Sets & 3D Solid Modeling (ASME Y14.41)
  • Appendix M1   International System of Units (SI)
  • Appendix M2   Metric Conversion of Units
  • Appendix M3   Writing SI
  • Appendix M4   Conversion of Dwg - Inch to Metric
  • Appendix M5   Misc Metric Information
  • Appendix M6   Metric Glossary
  • Appendix A1   Past Practices - Manual Drafting Techniques

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Quotes from the Author:

"When considering ASME Y14.41-2003 and using 3D Solid Model Data, I realized that industry needed additional guidance beyond the current standard. Based on my experience, more coverage and examples were needed for separable and inseparable assemblies, application of GD&T on annotated models and axonometric drawing views, and additional insight into the background and history of Solid Modeling and Design Deliverables. One area where I deviated from ASME Y14.41-2003 was in how to deal with the situation where both a drawing and a model are used as part of a Design Deliverable, and how to deal with conflicts between them, which led to the concept of the Design Master. None of this is addressed in the standard, as it merely requires all data to be in agreement. However, in the real world, very frequently this does not occur.There are differences between the drawing and the model, both intentional and unintentional. The new chapter in the DRM and Advanced Dimensional Management LLC's new Advanced Applications of Solid Modeling Course, which is based on the new chapter, provide guidance and clarify best practices in these murky waters.

To follow in the footsteps of original author Jerry Lieblich was both an honor and a privilege. I did my best to retain the flavor and intent of the DRM, as many long-time readers urged me to maintain the familiarity and usefulness of their favorite engineering reference manual."
Bryan R. Fischer, Advanced Dimensional Management LLC

Quote from Mechanical Engineering Magazine, November 2008.

"When we set out to create the 11th Edition of the Drawing Requirements Manual, we set our sights high. Our goal was to align the Drawing Requirements Manual with the current revisions of the many standards it covers, and to align it with current and forthcoming trends in industry, such as the exciting new chapter on 3D Solid Modeling and Using Digital Data and Annotated Models as Design Deliverables. This revision is a quantum leap forward in scope and coverage."
Bryan R. Fischer, Advanced Dimensional Management LLC

We offer 1- and 2-day training courses based on ASME Y14.41-2003 and Section 26 of the DRM. Our course is called Advanced Applications of Solid Modeling: Using Solid Models and Digital Data as Design Deliverables, and is part of the many courses we offer. Please contact us here at Advanced Dimensional Management LLC for more information.