GD&T Seminars and Seminar Series

  1. GD&T Seminar (1)Level 1 - GD&T Fundamentals Course
    Future – To Be Determined.
  2. Level 2 - GD&T Application Course
    Future – To Be Determined.
  3. Level 4 - Tolerance Analysis Seminar
    Future – To Be Determined.
  4. Level 3 - Advanced GD&T Seminar
    Future – To Be Determined.
  5. 3D MBD, PMI, and Product Definition Data Seminar
    Future – To Be Determined.

Onsite Training Available.

Advanced Dimensional Management Seminars – easy to understand, in-depth, multi-disciplinary, thorough, comprehensive, thought-provoking, useful. We teach you what you need to know to be successful. Get it Right!™

Most of our customers prefer for us to come to their facility and teach in-house courses. This allows us to talk about their parts, products, and processes in a more private setting. We help many companies every year – why not let us help you achieve your Dimensional Management goals?

Our Public Seminars are open to the general public and available on a first-come-first-served basis. Follow the links above for more information. Register early to reserve your place and receive an Early Registration Discount.

Our Seminars offer in-depth, multi-disciplinary coverage of these important topics. The material is based on the latest techniques, balancing theory with real-world examples and the challenges faced in today’s corporate environment. Although our training is technically rigorous and mathematically precise, we take great care to present it in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. We employ a concurrent engineering philosophy in our courses and materials, as this is the key to optimal implementation. This is simply the best training available on these subjects.

We are leaders in training and consulting for 3D PMI, MBD, and Advanced Applications of Solid Modeling. We offer several seminars on 3D-related topics, which include 3D-GD&T™, Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), 3D Data as Design Deliverables, and implementation of 3D Data in Development and the Supply Chain. This seminar presents the methods, concepts, rules, and techniques for using PMI and digital data, including traditional solid models, partially- and fully-annotated solid models as deliverables. The seminar is based on the ASME Y14.41 and ISO 16792 standards, our experience, and extensive research and development in the areas of 3D Model-Based Product Definition (3D-MBD), 3D Model-Based Enterprise (3D-MBE), and implementation of 3D Digital Data in Development and the Supply Chain.

Each Seminar expands on the previous Seminars, providing more in-depth coverage and more tools to understand and solve your day-to-day Dimensional Management and Dimensioning and Tolerancing challenges. This Seminar Series will bring your staff to the highest levels of proficiency. The Seminars may be attended individually or as a series.

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