What Our Customers Are Saying

"The "GD&T Update Guide: ASME Y14.5-2009" by Bryan R. Fischer goes to great lengths to explain in text and numerous figures the meaning and application of the new Y14.5-2009 standard. This text also explains the subtleties of the new standard, not found even in the Y14.5-2009 standard itself or other texts on the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard.

This text is the best all-encompassing explanation of the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard. One would have to read and understand seven of the currently released books by other authors on ASME Y14.5-2009 to gather the same amount of information, and not every author addresses all of the material covered by the GD&T Update Guide."

Submitted by a leading GD&T Subject-Matter Expert and ASME Certified Senior Level GD&T Professional from a major multinational corporation

Note from Bryan: Thank you for the great review!

Follow-up comment 4 months after we presented in-house tolerance analysis training, February 2012

"I am happy to report that the training is being put to great use here. The teams have done a number of analyses on the current development projects using your method and the Tolerance Stackup Software Toolset. In fact, I can’t remember training that has been adopted more completely than this."

Senior Engineering Manager, Scheduled and attended Level 1 Tolerance Analysis Course and Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing Workshop

"I also wanted to thank you again for an excellent course. I've received many positive comments about your excellent teaching style and ability to bring your industry experience into the discussion. I found it personally refreshing to have an open dialog about our risk mitigation strategy rather than hearing the normal 'you must do it like this.' Thanks again!"

Lead Engineer, Scheduled and attended Level 1 GD&T Course

"Thanks again for the course. This is exactly what we were looking for. All of the feedback was positive, and we're looking to schedule the Level 2 GD&T course soon."

Engineering Manager, Scheduled and attended Level 1 GD&T Course

"I greatly appreciated you coming in. It was a great course. Several in the class have come by to say what a great job you did with regard to teaching and putting together the material."

Engineering Manager, Scheduled and attended Level 1 GD&T-based Tolerance Analysis Course

"Thanks for a great class. It is the best GD&T class I have attended and this is a tolerance stack-up class, not strictly a GD&T class."

Senior Mechanical Engineer, Attended Level 1 GD&T-based Tolerance Analysis Course

"First off, thanks for the great training. You did a real nice job with your materials and presentation. I learned a great deal. I especially liked the visuals during the lectures where you took the time to show through progressive slides what was happening. That's a great technique!"

Senior Designer, attended our Level 1 +/- Tolerance Analysis Course and Functional Dimensioning and Tolerancing Workshop

"I am very glad I attended your Basic and Intermediate GD&T Seminars. I wish I had taken your courses 25 years ago. This was the fourth or fifth time I've had GD&T training, and your approach is by far the best I have seen. Your courses are very different than the other courses I have taken. The other courses often jumped to the final step, like a functional gage, and all of the intermediate steps were missing. I always felt like I didn't get the whole story. Your material is very well thought out and presented clearly. The exercises are excellent reinforcement too. As a Checker I've had lots of problems over the years with engineers and designers applying GD&T incorrectly, or using +/- where GD&T was needed. They would have no excuse after taking your classes, as you lay it all out in small, easily understandable pieces, and you make sure the effects on the final assembly and on the shop are well understood. The exercises in the Intermediate GD&T Seminar are challenging, and carefully lead the students to a full understanding of how to select Datum Features, to set up the GD&T, calculate the correct tolerance values, and to develop GD&T on complex parts and assemblies. The team approach for exercises in the Intermediate Seminar works very well. This is very similar to a work environment. I like the way you keep relating the material to design, manufacturing, inspection and assembly. That level of understanding seems to be missing in a lot of the designs I see today."

Comments from a Senior Engineering Checker, Attended our Basic and Intermediate GD&T Seminars

"Everyone was very impressed with your class and gained a lot from your teaching methods. Several people made the comment that this was the best class they have had in their experience. Our Plant Manager received the same feedback and is now working to have you train our Design Group. They would benefit greatly from your training, and the company would benefit as well. Thanks again for helping to make GD&T as clear and unambiguous as possible."

Comments from a Quality Manager: Scheduled and attended our 3-day Basic GD&T Course

"The feedback for the Tolerance Analysis Course was overwhelmingly positive. It was a real eye-opener for us. As expected, we learned how to set up and solve Tolerance Analysis problems. I didn’t expect that we would also learn how the decisions we make during the design process can have such a big affect on the variation in our products. This course will help us on many levels. Thanks again."

Comments from an Engineering Manager: Scheduled and attended our 3-day Basic Tolerance Analysis Course

"I really want to thank you for the training. I think it was just what we needed. Your teaching style is well suited to the corporate environment, and I like the way you consistently help the students answer their own questions by leading them back to the basic concepts. This is a very effective approach."

Comments from an Engineering Manager: Scheduled and attended our 3-day Basic GD&T Course

"The plus and minus tolerance analysis course you taught us was very helpful. Although you made it clear that plus and minus dimensioning and tolerancing has lots of pitfalls, we don't have a choice. Along with how to solve tolerance stackups you helped us understand the risks we are taking. You also did a good job keeping it interesting and useful."

Comments from a Senior Engineer: Scheduled and attended our 2-day Plus and Minus Tolerance Analysis Course

"I want to express my thanks for what you did for us last week. As I told you before the class, I felt that we were strong in the area of GD&T. By the middle of the first day, I realized how much we didn't know. After taking your 3-Day Intermediate Class I think our GD&T knowledge now rates at least 8.5 out of 10.

I spent enough time in college classrooms to recognize a good instructor, and you meet all of the criteria. We were all impressed with your extreme knowledge and enthusiasm in GD&T, as well as your ability to present the information in a manner that was clear and comprehendible. I was very pleased with the whole experience and feel that it was well worth the money that my company invested. If we identify a need that requires somebody of your expertise, we will not hesitate to contact Advanced Dimensional Management."

Comments from a Quality Supervisor and Management Team Member: Attended our Intermediate GD&T Course

"As an automotive sealing products manufacturer, understanding GD&T and Tolerance Stackup concepts is crucial to assuring a well designed joint. The training courses Advanced Dimensional Management held on GD&T and Tolerance Analysis provided us with the tools required to increase customer satisfaction by providing robust sealing concepts and improved structural recommendations. The ability to have an Advanced Dimensional Management consultant on-site for extended consulting and dimensional management led to significant changes in corporate acceptance and ownership of the tools taught in the courses. The onsite consulting provided long lasting understanding of GD&T, Tolerance Analysis, and Dimensional Management techniques.

I would recommend both Advanced Dimensional Management On-site Courses as well as their Consulting Services to any company with the desire to increase the quality and robustness of their product for long lasting success."

Comments from a Program Manager of an Automotive Powertrain Manufacturer: Attended Our Intermediate GD&T and Tolerance Stackup Course Sequence

Seminar Feedback

The response to our Public Training Seminars has been overwhelmingly positive. Although our Seminars are intense, our students have told us repeatedly that they like the training. Their feedback tells us that our training hits the mark, as they leave understanding the material at a very detailed level. They also tell us that our training is more complete and fills in the gaps in what they learned from other trainers. We pride ourselves in making sure our students learn all of the basic concepts before trying to tackle more advanced concepts.

Our Basic GD&T Seminar sets the stage for the other Seminars.

Our Intermediate GD&T Seminar and our Tolerance Analysis Seminar prepare our students for more advanced applications and problem solving. We explore a variety of applications and analysis problems in these Seminars. Again, the feedback we receive is overwhelming positive.

The greatest compliment we receive is our repeat customers. Year-after-year companies send their employees to our Seminars. Indeed, most of our clients are repeat customers, whether it is In-house Training Courses, Public Seminars or Consulting Services.