Testing Services

Advanced Dimensional Management offers a variety of Testing Services as part of our Training and Consulting Services. All of our Training Courses are available with or without Testing. We discuss your needs with you prior to the Course, and you determine if Testing is needed. If desired, both pre- and post-Course Tests may be administered, to assess your staff's initial capabilities and compare them with their capabilities after the Course is complete.

Our most popular tests are GD&T Tests and Print Reading Tests. GD&T Tests are usually part of our GD&T Courses and Print Reading Tests are usually part of our Print Reading Courses.

GD&T Tests and GD&T Testing

Our GD&T Tests are available in several formats. GD&T Testing is a great way to determine your staff's understanding of GD&T. If our clients want, we administer our GD&T tests before a class to help establish a baseline for their understanding of GD&T. GD&T test questions and quizzes are offered throughout our GD&T Courses, and if our clients want, we will administer a GD&T test after the course is complete to verify how well the material was assimilated.

Our Tests are also available stand-alone, without being associated with a course. We can test your staff to assess their capabilities to help you and your management determine where skills are lacking. After the tests are completed, we grade each test, compile the results, and provide information that shows the trends and problem areas in the skill sets of your staff.

This information will help you to determine where these deficiencies may lead to problems in other areas. For example, a poor understanding of Dimensioning and Tolerancing or GD&T in the Engineering Department can lead to increased scrap and rework on the shop floor. Improper application of Tolerance Analysis can lead to parts that do not assemble or that do not function. We can help you to determine your current status and how to improve your processes.

An outline of our Testing Services follows:

Test Topics

  • GD&T Testing
  • Tolerance Stackup Testing
  • Tolerance Analysis Testing
  • Dimensional Management Testing
  • Print Reading Testing

Testing Services

  • Standard tests
  • Customized tests
    • Tests may be customized to your products, processes, drawings, CAD and drawing standards if desired
  • Different course testing options
    • Pre-course testing - Skills assessment
    • Post-course testing
      • Tests to reinforce material - Easier
      • Tests to verify assimilation of course content - More difficult
  • Testing Available without courses
    • Skill level assessment
  • Test Subjects
    • Understanding Engineering Drawings
      (Print Reading and Basic Drawing Preparation)
    • GD&T Testing
    • Tolerance Stackup Series
    • Dimensional Management Series
    • GD&T Certification Preparation Series
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Tests Available

Please Contact Us for more information about our Testing Services and our other services.